The Megahook® is designed for heavy and valuable frames and mirrors. It is the most powerful picture hook on the market. In drywall applications, its strong toggling mechanism supplies extra holding power. With no pre-drilling required, the only tool needed is a screwdriver. The unique, special features are: A fine centered point that helps guide the anchor into the wall with a flawless precision; a sharp cutting edge that reduces the force required to cut the material. The Megahook® is designed with the same toggling mechanism as the DrillerToggle®. that hold the anchor tightly behind the drywall. It can be installed in drywall, wood or concrete. Available in Brass and Antique finishes.

Benefits & features

  • Installs in drywall, concrete and wood
  • Extra-strong holding power
  • Special toggling mechanism
  • Easy to install
  • All you need is a screwdriver
  • No pre-drilling in drywall
  • Decorative & stylish

Installation Tools


Mounting surface

ConcreteWoodDrywall 1/2Drywall 3/8Drywall 5/8

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including nickel, lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to

Long Code SKU Bar code Anchors Per Pack Safe weight loads (Ibs) Color / Finish Packaging
7204N039 2750 058060840005 1 100 BRASS MEGAHOOK
7204N041 2753 058060840067 1 100 ANTIQUE MEGAHOOK
7202N275 2758 058060840050 1 100 BRASS MEGAHOOK
7204F039 2750F 058060876783 1 100 BRASS MEGAHOOK
7204F041 2753F 058060876585 1 100 ANTIQUE MEGAHOOK
7202F275 2758F 058060876592 1 100 BRASS MEGAHOOK
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