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    The TripleGrip® is one of the most technologically advanced anchor on the market. It is designed with two expandable wings that grip tightly behind the drywall for a maximum holding power. Its advanced cam action technology expands; thereby creating an additional pressure against the side walls of the drywall or masonry. This also provides more stability and strength. Two lateral wings hold the anchor in place, preventing any rotation while the screw is inserted. Available in #6, #8, #10 and #12.

    The VersaHook™ is a versatile, all-purpose hanger for use in almost any type of base material. It can be installed in the wall for curtain tie-backs, or in the ceiling to suspend a plant or lightweight decorative items. It uses the TripleGrip® anchor for a secure installation. Available in Small or Large, and in White, Brass, Antique or Brushed Nickel finishes.

    The Spring Toggle Bolt is a toggle anchor made of steel and is ideal for fixing heavy items to the wall or ceiling. It is offered in a variety of lengths to accommodate thicker material. The two metal wings are spring loaded and open behind the wall when inserted. Available in 20 sizes ranging from 1/8" x 2" to 3/8" x 6". For a faster result, and an easier way to install, try Cobra’s DrillerToggle®.

    The Cobra designed Plastic Screw Anchors are one of the most universally used anchors in the hardware market. The plastic anchor has notched wings with two expansion points to prevent the anchor from rotating as the screw is inserted. Available sizes are from #4-6 to #14-16. For a superior holding power, use the Triplegrip® from Cobra.

    The FlipToggle® anchor’s strong toggling mechanism supplies extra holding power in drywall, plaster or hollow concrete blocks. Its main feature is its ability to be installed in thicker hollow wall material, up to three inches thick. Its simple and effective tilting mechanism ensures a trouble-free installation every time, and is twice as strong as the regular toggle bolt of the same bolt diameter. The Fliptoggle® requires a 1/2" hole regardless of its diameter, and can be used with any bolt length. Available in diameters of 1/4" and 3/16".

    The Frame-Tack is the easiest and most practical picture hook on the market. No more wires and picture hooks needed to hang small frames or frameless canvassed art. Simply PEEL, STICK and PUSH into the drywall. With its specially designed teeth, the Frame-Tack simply bites firmly into the drywall. Also, it prevents the frame from wobbling. For larger or heavier frames, use the screws included. Simply screw the Frame-Tack into the wooden frame, and press it into the drywall. Available sizes: Small, Medium and Large.
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