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    The VersaHook™ is a versatile, all-purpose hanger for use in almost any type of base material. It can be installed in the wall for curtain tie-backs, or in the ceiling to suspend a plant or lightweight decorative items. It uses the TripleGrip® anchor for a secure installation. Available in Small or Large, and in White, Brass, Antique or Brushed Nickel finishes.

    The DrillerHook™ is the fastest and easiest plant hook to install in drywall. Being a self-drilling anchor, no pre-drilling is required. It installs with one hand, and can be easily removed and installed as needed. Simply set the point into the drywall, and turn the anchor clockwise. The anti-rotation washer prevents the hook from unscrewing and will lock securely into the ceiling. Available in White, Brass and Antique finishes.

    The TrackHanger™ is a 360-degree swivel hook especially designed for suspended ceilings. It is strong, resistant and made of polycarbonate. Easy to install or remove, simply clip onto the metal track of the suspended ceiling. It holds tightly onto the track, providing a strong and secure hold for light to medium weight items. Ideal for suspended plants and decorations. Available in a White or Clear finish.
  4. Swag Hook

    The swag hook is a strong and secure plant hook with a stylish design. It can be installed either in wood or drywall. It has a spring toggle bolt mechanism that provides a solid grip to the ceiling. Available in White, Brass, Antique and Black finishes.
  5. Ceiling Driller

    The CeilingDriller® is the most practical, easy to install, and secure plant hook on the market. Strong and elegant, this hanger swivels a complete 360 degrees for the ideal orientation of your plant or decorative item. No pre-drilling is required. All you need is a screwdriver. The CeilingDriller® is designed with the same toggling mechanism as the DrillerToggle®. This provides for a solid and secure grip of the hook’s base to the ceiling. Available in White, Brass, Antique and Black finishes.
5 Item(s)
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